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Steve Rivers is a thoroughly un-British Englishman. He dislikes tea, hates cricket, and has rather decent teeth. (Although he does adore football)

He also writes - and he has been writing for fun since childhood. From the epic adventures of "Back to the Go-Kart," which involved all of his friends time-traveling in a complete rip-off, to awful Star Trek fanfiction and Star Wars online adventures.

Now, he is a full-time novelist and is fast becoming known as "That guy chipping away at the mountain with his teaspoon." Solar Rift is the culmination of an idea that has been growing for over fifteen years now, bubbling away and taking on a life of its own. It merges together everything he loves about science-fiction, classic 80's and 90's movies, espionage and crime thrillers, to cyberpunk and Machiavellian intrigue.

With his trusty writing-partner, Jasmin Joachims, he has currently just finished writing the novella prologue to the series, 2120, and is already two-thirds through the huge first novel, 2121. With the series likely to run to at least five full-length novels, Steve may well get through more than a couple of spoons.

When not supporting Liverpool FC, gaming and killing Kerbals, jogging, or watching movies (being a massive movie nerd) he tries to wedge-in reading a book whenever he can.


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