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"The Girl with Electric Fingers"

Eimi Mesuda is a mysterious hacker from Japan.

Co-owner of Namaraz Solutions Ltd, she has been working alongside her business partner, Raz Kadir, for the last two years.

Going by the hacker alias Namazu, Eimi never leaves her home, aiding her partner by using EyeGlass technology

to see the world through Raz's eye implants or any nearby cameras and sensors she can use to her advantage.

Shooting hacks out of her fingers like bullets from a gun, Eimi has different modes for different fingers, taking full advantage of augmented reality.

You see these? These are my little fingers

of doom. You make me mad and

I make them rock your world.


raz kadir

"Kadir, Raz Kadir"


Knowing my luck, this is all

about to get REALLY messy.

Raz Kadir is a freelance private investigator

and infiltration expert from the UK.

Co-owner of Namaraz Solutions Ltd, him and Namazu take

jobs wherever they can in the world to make ends meet.

While he takes care of the physical side of their work, Namazu takes care of the digital.

Having moved to the UK from Morocco when he was twelve, Raz has turned his life around after spending most of his youth breaking into properties and stealing.


zarina verma

"Commander of the Enceladus"


Zarina Verma is the Commander of the TKR

Corporation's spaceship, the ERV Enceladus.

Having grown up just outside the slums of Chennai in India, she currently lives in the town of Melaka in Malaysia.

Zarina has worked for the Tao Kelland Raman Corporation since leaving university and has spent most of her career working as a reserve pilot and navigator in the asteroid belt beyond Mars.

She is the first Indian woman to take command of

a corporate spaceship.

You make it work, even if it's

a square peg in a round hole.


milan kalakov

"The Soldier"


I prefer being direct with

people, it keeps things simple.

Milan Kalakov is a Major in the Russian Space Force.

Having just spent a year re-training, he has transferred from the Russian Armed Forces to the Domovoi Outpost space base located on Phobos, the largest moon of Mars.

A veteran of several insurgency campaigns, Milan has spent the majority of his career defending his country from rebels and terrorists.

Along with his sister and now-deceased father, he comes from a family that has a strong military tradition.

liv rademaker

"The Colonist"


Liv Rademaker is one of the five council members of Mars' singular colony, Borealis.

A 3D Printing Engineer by trade, Liv is the daughter of the first human born on Mars.

A widow, she has two children, Max and Fenna, and works

alongside her colleague, Deelon Stafford.

Her main problems these days come in the form of having to balance the colony's needs with the demands of the Earth corporations and also making sure that the tensions between

the Martians and humans doesn't boil over.

Life is tough here on Mars. All

we can do is make the best of it.

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