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Supporting Solar Rift

If you enjoy reading the books then that is thanks enough. If, however, you love it enough to get involved and want to show your support or help make the story happen, then this is the page is for you.

From Patreon to Kickstarters, everything listed here is designed to help Steve create the novels and the surrounding media in the best quality and to the highest standard possible. 


The Patreon Tiers for Solar Rift have been designed to give you flexibility and choice, depending on your budget and interests.

Every three-to-six months Tiers and rewards will be evaluated from your feedback. That way, you get the most bang for your buck and we also encourage more people who love the story to get on the bandwagon.

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The Patreon page is now open and welcoming Patreons!

Because the Patreon page has only just started, it's kicking off with simple and modest tip-sized donations. Eventually, the plan is to give a wide range of customized options through 5 tiers giving rewards of expanding value to suit your budget.

Currently, there are two tiers...

Tier 1 - Tipster 


Tier 2 - Supporter


Both tiers currently give access to the Patreon member-only posts, where they can find the full 4k website splash-screen of Raz and Namazu as a token of appreciation to kick things off.

Patreon will also be more regularly updated with special offers, the latest information, and future plans than any other form of social media.

If you've bought one of the books and want to help out without having to tip or donate, then you can do your part and help us out by simply giving a positive review on the retailer you bought the book from.

As always, your interest and support is always greatly appreciated.