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Reviews and Praise

Because everyone occasionally needs to toot their own horn.

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2120 - The AUDIOBOOK

"I have to say, the stars of this show are, well, the stars. I loved the characters. They were unique and quirky and imperfect enough to add a great deal of verisimilitude to the reality of the book. Namazu is destined to be every reader's favorite. She's just fantastic, and I want more. As to the performances, color me impressed.


I've listened to a dozen full-cast audiobooks, if not twice that. When they're good, they're good, but when they're bad, they're abysmal. An untalented cast or sub-par editing can absolutely ruin a novel, so I was apprehensive going in. According to the afterword, Rivers auditioned a ton of voice actors for each character, and it shows. He chose wisely." - review by Jabberwocky

"I absolutely loved it! This story was brilliantly written and full of excitement. Everyone involved did an outstanding job! The narrator's voice is perfect to listen to. This story had the perfect sense of humor and suspense. Namazu is my favorite character and I love the relationship her and Raz have. Solar Rift is definitely a must-listen" - review

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2120 - The book

"The character depth he got in this book, being a short-novel length, was great. I felt a real roller coaster following Zarina, and Raz and Namazu made me smile so much.
The tension that builds in some scenes is a real page turner, and some of the set pieces are really inventive."
- review by Enni Lahtinen


"Well-paced and very visual without wasting words on extraneous description. A clean look at a cyberpunk solar system that promises an interesting arc. Looking forward to later entries in the series!" - review by Nicholas Kontgas

"Wow, what a wild ride. I picked up this book with certain expectations, but I can honestly say that it didn’t at all turn out how I pictured it...which is probably the best indicator for how good an espionage story is.
I loved the cyberpunk and science fiction elements that made this future earth so vibrant as well as unsettling, and I especially loved the diverse cast of characters.

The author made them come alive on the page, and I really enjoyed the way they tried to beat the odds when they came face to face with their adversaries.
Because the book is set in the future, I had doubts about how realistic and authentic the scientific explanations and descriptions would turn out...but it simply blew me away how much attention to detail there was." - review

"I read rapidly the first time, because my heart was in my mouth regarding the fate of all these characters—which was never assured. The two different parts of the story did not seem connected to each other, so I felt a pang of disappointment whenever the focus shifted from one to another ...which is a sign of how immersed I became in each of these separate scenarios. It's not till the end of the story that the connection between the two is revealed. It's a stunner, and bodes well for the upcoming sequels." - review by Jannert

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